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Sticker Kit targets Indiana Jones


Easy to install : These pre-cut, laminated stickers are easy to install: just stick them where you want them.


Package content :

  • 7 x Customization stickers of targets

Note : Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the model and design chosen.


Extend your pinball customization with our theme stickers to add an artistic dimension to your game. These stickers allow you not only to customize the appearance of your pinball machine to suit your aesthetic tastes and preferences, but also to hide unsightly elements on the board. By applying these stickers, you can transform your pinball machine into a unique work of art, creating a more immersive and aesthetically pleasing gaming experience. Whether you want to hide unsightly parts, metal parts or simply give your pinball machine a personalized touch, our theme stickers offer a practical and elegant solution for enhancing the appearance and playing pleasure of your machine.