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Sticker Ramp Twilight zone


Easy to install : Installing this pre-cut, laminated sticker is simple: just stick it where you want it.


Package content :

  • 1 x Customization stickers of ramp

Note : Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the model and design chosen.


Enhance the customization of your pinball machine with our themed stickers, designed to add an artistic dimension to your game. These stickers allow you to personalize the appearance of your pinball machine according to your tastes and aesthetic preferences while also concealing unsightly elements on the playfield. By applying these stickers, you can transform your pinball machine into a unique work of art, creating a more immersive and aesthetically pleasing gaming experience.

Aesthetic Customization: Add a personal and artistic touch to your pinball machine with stickers designed to reflect your style.
Visual Enhancement: Conceal unsightly or metallic parts for a more harmonious and attractive appearance.
Easy Installation: The stickers are simple to apply, allowing you to transform your pinball machine in minutes.
High Quality: Made from durable materials, these stickers are resistant to wear and maintain their brightness over time.
Universal Compatibility: Suitable for most pinball machine models, ensuring hassle-free customization.

Why Choose Our Themed Stickers for Pinball Machines?
Uniqueness: Transform your pinball machine into a unique centerpiece with personalized designs.
Improved Aesthetics: Create a more immersive gaming experience by harmonizing the appearance of your machine.
Practicality: Easily apply the stickers for an immediate and long-lasting effect.

Whether you want to conceal unsightly parts, metallic elements, or simply add a personalized touch to your pinball machine, our themed stickers offer a practical and elegant solution to enhance the appearance and enjoyment of your machine.