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Insider pro Iron Maiden V3


Easy to install : Installing this Plexiglas insider cover is child’s play. Simply position it over the existing insider.


Package contents :

  • 1 x plexiglass insider cover

Note : Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the model and design chosen.


The Plexiglas Insider Cover is the ideal accessory for adding a touch of personalized style to your favorite pinball machine. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and made from high-quality Plexiglas, this element offers an elegant solution for concealing the unsightly red insider. Perfect for pinball enthusiasts, it allows you to personalize your gaming experience while adding a touch of originality to your machine.

Superior quality: Made from durable, hard-wearing Plexiglas, ensuring long life and an impeccable finish.
Captivating design: Designed with meticulous detail to perfectly match your pinball theme.
Customization: Add a touch of originality and style to your pinball machine, making every game even more special.
Easy installation: Installs quickly and simply, transforming the look of your pinball machine in an instant.

Why choose our Plexiglas Insider Cache?
Elegant personalization: Enhance the aesthetics of your pinball machine with a unique and stylish accessory.
Meticulous manufacturing: Each insider cover is crafted with meticulous attention to detail to guarantee exceptional quality.
Assured durability: Designed to resist wear and keep its shine, even with regular use.

Add a touch of sophistication and personalization to your pinball machine with our Plexiglas Insider Cover. Ideal for pinball enthusiasts, it will enhance your machine and enrich your gaming experience.