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Fire button Black Knight V3


Easy to install : Installing the fire button is child’s play. Simply remove the adhesive backing, position it around your lockbar knob and press to stick.


Package contents :

  • 1 x Fire button

Note : Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the model and design chosen.


The Fire Button is a central element of the new Stern pinball machines. Embellish your pinball machine with specially designed decor surrounding this action button, adding a unique, personalized aesthetic touch to your machine.

Elegant design: Each decoration is carefully designed to offer an attractive aesthetic that perfectly complements the look of your pinball machine.
High-quality materials: Available in a choice of two materials:
Plexiglas: For a durable, elegant finish.
High-gloss magnetic : For easy installation and an exceptional high-gloss finish.
Easy installation: The decor is simple to install, offering a quick and hassle-free transformation of your pinball machine.
Customization: Choose from a variety of designs to find the one that best suits your style and pinball machine.

Why choose our Fire Button Decor?
Enhanced aesthetics: Add a unique touch of style to your pinball machine, making every game even more enjoyable.
Attention to detail: Each decor is designed with meticulous precision to harmonize perfectly with your pinball machine’s action button.
Guaranteed durability: Our decors are designed to withstand the rigors of play, ensuring they stay in excellent condition for a long time to come.

Embellish your pinball machine with our Fire Button decor, available in Plexiglas or high-gloss magnetic, and turn every game into a visually rewarding and unique experience.

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