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Meticulous installation required :

For Vinyl : Installation of this decal kit requires you to prepare the case beforehand. We recommend dry installation, with equipment including a soft marouflette and a cutter with a new blade to finalize the cut, which requires know-how.

For Plexiglass : installation is much simpler: just fill in any major defects, glue and drill the screw holes.


Package contents :

  • 1 x 5-piece high-density polyvinyl decal kit with gray backing or plexiglass.

Note : Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the model and design chosen.


Bring your pinball machine back to life with our customizable case decals, creating the highlight of your machine’s restoration. Add a unique finishing touch to your pinball machine with our decals designed especially for you. Precise, agile application is required for impeccable results, ensuring an impressive transformation of your pinball machine.

Features :
Tailor-made personalization: our decals are designed specifically to fit your pinball machine, offering a unique and personal touch to your machine.
Material options:
Self-adhesive vinyl: Available in gloss or matte finish, this material requires impeccable case preparation for optimum results, requiring precision and dexterity in marouflage.
Self-adhesive plexiglass : With its high-gloss finish, this material requires no special case preparation and is much simpler to apply. Simply drill the holes for the screws once installed.

Why choose our Customizable Checkout Decals?
Customized design: Each decal is designed according to your preferences, for a truly unique result.
Impeccable finish: Precise, agile application is necessary for a perfect finish, guaranteeing an impressive transformation of your pinball machine.
Durability: Our decals are built to withstand wear and tear, ensuring a long service life and the very best aesthetics.

Make your pinball machine a unique centerpiece with our customizable case decals. Transform your machine today for an exceptional gaming experience!

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